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SIRE 2.0: A New Chapter in Maritime Safety Inspections

SIRE 2.0 it’s a refined and digital-forward approach to the Ship Inspection Report Programme (SIRE) by the Oil Companies International …

Able Seaman Interview Guide

Preparing for Your Able Seaman Interview Able Seaman Interview Preparation: ABs are crucial to the maritime industry, ensuring the safety …

Living on a ship: Essential guide to packing

Living on a ship for an extended period might seem like a challenging feat, but with some savvy packing and …

Working on cruise ships: 10 Aspects crew members dislike

If you’ve ever dreamt of working on cruise ships: envisioning travel, adventure, and unique experiences, you might want to take …

Ignition sources on tankers: Ensuring safety in maritime operations

Safety is a real concern in the maritime industry. One vital aspect of safety management pertains to the control of …

Life jackets: All your questions answered

When it comes to maritime safety, life jackets play a crucial role in saving lives during emergencies on ships. These …

Seafarer contracts: A comprehensive overview

In the world of maritime work, seafarers play a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of ships and vessels. …

First days as a cadet on a ship: What to know

Embarking on a career at sea as a cadet can be both exciting and overwhelming. The unfamiliar environment, new responsibilities, …

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Essential vaccines for seafarers: Protecting health at sea

The health of seafarers is essential to the global maritime industry. Seafarers travel to all corners of the world, and …

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