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Maritime Recruitment Success: Measuring Metrics and Strategies

In the dynamic world of maritime operations, where skilled seafarers and shore-based professionals form the backbone of the industry, recruitment …

Transition to Offshore Industry: Seafarers’ Career Shift

Transition to Offshore Industry: In the ever-evolving maritime landscape, a significant trend is emerging. Seasoned seafarers are increasingly setting their …

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Why Investing in Seafarers Is Smart Business

Introduction Investing in Seafarers is a concept that often takes a backseat in the maritime industry, where much of the …

English for Marine Engineers

Importance of English in Marine Engineering English for Marine Engineers: Marine engineers work in an international setting. They deal with …

Autonomous learning in maritime leadership: Future skill

Why is autonomous learning in maritime leadership a future skill? In the maritime industry, leaders hold positions that are vital …

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Admiralty Law Jurisdiction: A Guide for the Maritime Industry

Admiralty law jurisdiction encompasses a comprehensive legal framework that presides over matters related to the high seas, maritime activities, and …

Living on a ship: Essential guide to packing

Living on a ship for an extended period might seem like a challenging feat, but with some savvy packing and …

Mariners’ side jobs for extra money

Mariners’ side jobs: Life as a mariner can be more than just navigating the waves and braving storms. Many mariners …

Offshore oil rigs: Life and challenges

Offshore oil rigs, those towering marvels in the midst of vast oceans, are akin to bustling floating cities. These non-stop, …

Introduction to maritime law: Regulations and rights

In a world full of countries on land, there’s something interesting happening on the open sea – it’s called maritime …

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